Transform your home with locally sourced & earth friendly materials. 

We get all our ingredients locally to minimize travel and reduce our carbon footprint, because if anything is worth doing beautifully, it's worth doing it eco-friendly.

We firmly believe in allowing the honesty of the material to shine, rather than manipulating materials to represent something they’re not. Every set of Hung Panels come out unique; no panel can ever be duplicated. 

Founder and operator Tyler Blaine has owned a local Salt Lake City business for 7 years now, producing custom, functional, handcrafted works of art under the business name Modern Craftsman. Among countless residential projects, Modern Craftsman has produced 1-ton conference tables, towering fireplaces, and massive wall installments for businesses in and around their home city. 

After countless requests for custom "tile" pieces, Modern Craftsman adopted their sister company: Hung Panels. 

We are able to provide exquisite product to you at a lower cost, because we're producing items in bulk and not custom one-offs.  Delivery and Installation is not included in Hung Panels pricing; the panels are designed to be easily installed by homeowners with a few tools and a will to DIY, but we can hire out delivery and install to Modern Craftsman for an additional fee. if you'd prefer.