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The Story.

Axis 41
IronClad® Industrial 

Created by Luna Design by Marsala and Co. construction

Steel, by its nature, is magnetic, offering a communal place to share experiences. So it’s no wonder leading web-development firm Axis 41 wanted a 12’ by 40’ wall of steel in its hip, put-together space. A playful addition to the design team’s magnetic pin board involved a rolling ladder that would slide back and forth along the top like an an old-fashioned library.

We hand-selected each individual panel in sequence from the steelyard to maintain one long horizontal ribbon of color and create visual continuity, and chose a subdued tone that wouldn’t overpower the environment. The outcome was simply perfect. However the installation was a little less simple, requiring a custom rigging system to crane the material into the 4th-floor window. Whatever it takes, folks.