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The Story.

Cache Valley Electric
OrganiCrete® Boardform 

In partnership with Salt Studio

Salt Studio composed the Cache Valley Electric dining hall with an elegant, private booth space in the center. This would give visitors a chance to sneak away to a cozy, welcoming nook.

We aimed for the genuine aesthetic of an “in situ” (cast-in-place) wall, wherein the .75-inch thick, 14-foot panels of the booth would look like a painted wall and not full of seams that could have made this particular space look less refined. Our Hung Boardform panels ensured a strong sense of spaciousness, in a style that was industrial yet inviting. And we achieved the desired cast-in-place look by breaking two pieces of OrganiCrete® vertically in order to cast, transport, and install the full length of the wall at once.

This established the wall as a core structural element of the environment, making it a noticeable part of the space, while never overbearing. The results were well worth the precision and patience it took to achieve them, as the horizontal lines opened up the booth even further, creating a quiet, friendly space that no one wants to leave.