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Dusky and full of motion, Spelter reflects light gently like stars on a dark night. Consider this the softer version of our Carbon finish.

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IronClad panels are a simple way to bring life into your space. The colors glow with brilliance, diffusing light with a soulful luster. The tones live beautifully, without overpowering a space, and can be paired with other finishes, painted walls, and colored furniture easily. IronClad finishes are living, meaning they always result in one-of-a-kind products that can never be duplicated.

By nature, IronClad patinas are whimsical like ceramic glazes, and may vary slightly in tone. Some patinas feature speckles of differing colors, which sometimes result from the application. IronClad finishes respect the Japanese art of wabi-sabi, where an unpredictable outcome is expected and cherished. Some clients are thrilled by this aspect, while others prefer a certain outcome. For a predictable panels, see OrganiCrete.

Since metal rusts by its very nature, IronClad is not suitable for outdoor applications. Some outdoor locations are the exception, as long as the panels are well-covered and protected from the elements. If you're unsure if your location is IronClad-friendly, feel free to see IronClad care, or you can always contact us.