We give a damn about quality. A big one.

We make each one-of-a-kind panel by hand. Deconstruct and reconstruct it until it’s just so. Hang it outside to be cured by the elements until it’s good and done. But it’s never really done. Because age looks good on Hung Panels, and Hung Panels look good just about everywhere.

We’re hyper-focused on craft so you don’t have to give it second thought. But you’ll definitely give it a second glance. Everybody else will, too. Here’s to quality you can count on in Hung Panels. And here’s why:

  • Complete project oversight: We can be involved every step of the way. Understanding your objectives. Helping you choose colors and materials. Composing spatial orientation. Fabricating panels to your specifications. Or you can order your panels and be on your way. Either way, we’ll carefully flat-pack and ship your products to you anywhere in the world. All while keeping things easy and hassle-free.
  • Lifetime warranty: All Hung panel systems come with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees craftsmanship and dimensional integrity.

  • Rigorous quality assurance: We test to ASTM standards to ensure that our products and processes are viable, consistent, and long-lasting. in particular, OrganiCrete has exceptionally high ASTM results.


Our panels don’t just look good. They do good.

Hung Panels are American made — from regionally sourced, sustainable ingredients. So they’ll earn you LEED points if you’re into that sort of thing. Plus big points for beauty and originality. A few more of the finer points on sustainability:

  • Regional sourcing: Our OrganiCrete® panels are made of natural sand that’s locally sourced. And we offset the carbon footprint of the cement by replacing nearly 20% of it with our post-industrial, Pozzolan blend. Used for color consistency and quality, this blend not only keeps material out of the landfills, but also makes OrganiCrete a stronger, more sustainable, high-performance choice.

  • Ultra-longevity: OrganiCrete panels are designed to stand up to weather and solar exposure, providing the long life of a truly sustainable solution.

  • Shipping efficiency: We get as close to our suppliers as possible to minimize transportation, packaging, and repackaging, while managing quality control for color and quality consistency. We also emphasize efficient shipping both from our suppliers and to our customers in order to minimize our carbon footprint.