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Experience visual and tangible depth and texture, as well as all sorts of lovely mottling in our Tivertino panel.

We made this panel to be orchestrated with veining vertically or horizontally

Available in Vanilla, Earl Grey I, Earl Grey III

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OrganiCrete is a cement-based product with extremely refined ingredients. The beauty of OrganiCrete will last for generations, since its primary ingredient is one of mother nature's most reliable materials: rock. OrganiCrete is a porous material that will patina over time, especially if mounted outside or accessible by natural elements. 

With our specialized sealing process, OrganiCrete panels rarely hold onto spots for longer than 7 days. We've scrubbed out "permanent" stains with natural solutions like Simple Green.. yeah, permanent... Even Sharpie. 

Staining is mostly a concern for applications that see large amounts of acids and oils, like countertops that endure food and drink spills. However, most stains will fade over time, advancing its beauty and evolving the piece like a living organism. Because of this, OrganiCrete may not be the product for you if you're expecting something that is completely stain proof.

See OrganiCrete care if you're concerned about your panels, or you're always free to contact us.